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​"Sound of Passion"

New Release

Single "Spring Runner" - piano solo

Spring Runner-ARtwork 05102024.jpg
Spring RunnerHisato Tsuji
00:00 / 03:18

(PV - making of Spring Runner)


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Orion - live performance

Piano Journey🎹 - 1 "Nature" 🌱 - acoustic piano for relaxing, sleep, study

Piano Journey🎹 - 1 "Nature" 🌱 - acoustic piano for relaxing, sleep, study

Piano Journey - scene 1 „Nature“ This suites is consisting of 10 little piano pieces. The first and last piece are the same. So when you listen to the first one again, the journey is over and you’re back at the beginning. There are a lot of relaxing background music playlists out there. My video has a similar trend, but have a slightly different purpose. I also hear music thatI blend into the environment and don’t really pay attention to them. But I personally like when suddenly a piece or a musical phrase fascinates me and for a while, I'm in that world and think about something (though my work is temporarily suspended...). Therefore, my Piano Journey focuses more on the character of each song and the overall story. By the way, I don't listen to my own music much, but I often play this series during creative activities. It helps 🙂 Whatever the situation, I'm so grad if my music could be a part of your life. The next Piano Journey will be added. Subscribe to my channel🙏 My Solo Album "Piano Journey 1(Nature)" and "Piano Journey 2(Life)" are now available↓ Linktree : Playlist scene 1 "Nature" 00:00 - 1. Children of the sun 02:13 - 2. Memories 04:40 - 3. Painting sky 07:09 - 4. Reflextion 10:55 - 5. Wandering 14:23 - 6. Play of the light 15:44 - 7. Daydream 17:40 - 8. Play of the snow 20:23 - 9. Reality 24:33 - 10.Children of the sun (ending) ©️2023 All Music and Photography by Hisato Tsuji
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