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Hisato Tsuji was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1988.

His music education began with classical violin lessons at the age of five.

However, after he stopped playing the violin at the age of 12, he stayed away from music for a while.

He picked up instruments again when he was 17, first acoustic guitar and electric bass guitar, then piano. Later he also started composing on his own.

In 2013 he moved to Berlin, Germany.

As composer/arranger and a multi-instrumentalist,

Hisato Tsuji is active in various projects. 

Projects (excerpt)

Female Comedies

a series of silent comedy films by ARTE

A Fool and His Money (USA,DE/1912)

regie : Alice Guy-Blaché

production :Solax Film Company, 2 eleven music film

music : Hisato Tsuji

On TV (also online) :

27.12 .2023 at 1:05 

Le Frotteur (Fr/1907)

regie : Alice Guy-Blaché

production :BFI, 2 eleven music film

music : Hisato Tsuji

Online :

from 26.12 .2023
in ARTE Mediathek

Nature Sound Books

film and music by Hisato Tsuji

soundscape of nature and city

original film with live performance

Premiere :


Bali Kino Berlin

Equipment :

acoustic piano

small instruments (kalimba and koshi chime)

synthesizer & sampler


mic & speakers



a short semi-digital Opera for Dancers,
Soprano, Mummies and Avatars

production : Berlin Moves

music composition & arrangement : Hisato Tsuji

Premiere :

30.10 .2022 
Glashaus Arena (Berlin)

Virtual Interactive Dance Opera:

Mein, Dein, Unseres 

 children's club 2020/21


 workshops for a children's theater

musical direction : Hisato Tsuji

Premiere :


Tischlerei - Deutsche Oper Berlin

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